This project contains all sorts of angular components for creating data driven applications. It is mainly used for entrecode admin applications in combination with the entrecode using ec.sdk.


Main Packages

The dependencies stack up from core to data (data > ui > core). You could also omit data, using just the ui components.

Optional Packages


The main documentation is located at You can find a getting started guide there.


A Demo is available at

Developing with Lerna + Yarn Workspaces

The repository is a monorepo, managed by lerna and yarn workspaces. All folders inside dist + packages/style will be used as symlinks in node_modules/@ec.components/*. You can update the symlinks by running yarn (e.g. after adding a new package).

Dev Setup

After a fresh clone of the repo, run this:

yarn install
npm run dev-setup
npm run start

The dev-setup script builds all packages and symlinks them to the node_modules.


Run release task and select versions:

npm run release

To publish a new package for the first time, make sure you run npm publish --access=public before running lerna. See add-new-package for more info on creating a new package.

Also make sure to use Conventional Commits for proper changelogging.

Impressum & Datenschutz

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